Chughtai Public Library (CPL) is a humble effort to collect, preserve and make accessible useful materials from around the world to aspiring students and the community at no cost. The collection is a public resource with antique and contemporary books, journals, and other publications covering a wide range of subjects including art, culture, science, education, jurisprudence, medicine and philosophy.

As a non profit organization, CPL’s main objective is to support scholars of all ages and from any strata of society, looking for an opportunity to learn and carry out research. Several rare and antique materials from Pakistan are at risk of being lost as family members are unaware of the value of old books that were passed on to them by their elders. In some cases the owners of these libraries have either passed away or for some reason are unable to maintain them. However, as these precious books are being disposed off as waste and scrap paper, renowned libraries abroad are importing them to preserve history. CPL’s mission is to make a systematic effort for preservation of these books by acquiring, scanning and making these materials available online for free so that valuable information is accessible to researchers around the world and Pakistan’s priceless heritage is protected.

*We request friends around the world to donate old books to CPL for the benefit of scholarship and free access to knowledge. CPL will pay for all shipping charges.